How to build a lead generation funnel using clickfunnels?

 Hi everyone, today i am going to tell you how to build a lead generation funnel using clickfunnel.

Why you need a funnel to generate leads?

You need leads to grow your online and offline business.every business needs leads to convert them in customers with the help of lead generation funnel you can get more leads by offering an lead magnet. if you don’t know what is a lead magnet then let me tell you.

what is lead magnet?

a lead magnet is a small part of digital or a physical product that you offer to your audiences for free or at very low price in the exchange of their contact information that is called a lead.

Why clickfunnels?

there are many software in the market to build funnel but I prefer clickfunnel because it is one the best software to build every kind of funnels.Here is a detailed video of me on how to build a lead generation funnel using clickfunne :-

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