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Why people fails with facebook ads

Facebook Ads are simple but not EASY.

Yes, many people try Facebook ads to get more revenue for their business, but they lose money.


Because They only know how to work on Facebook ads, but they don’t understand how Facebook ads work.

These are some of the common mistakes that people make-

They don’t try organically first

People don’t focus on their offer and landing page, and They don’t try to get results organically first. Because this is a fact that Ads boost your reach, but if people don’t organically buy from you, then it is also tough to get success with Paid advertising too.

They don’t focus on What to offer; they are just focusing on how to offer

Most people Just run Facebook ads because they believe that it is a money-making machine, and whatever investment you put on it, you will earn a profit on that. But it is not.

If your Offer is not Good, you will not get success with FB ads.

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Targeting is the key

People Don’t know how to target the right group of audience. Always remember one thing targeting is the key in indirect advertising like Facebook Ads.


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They don’t use retargeting strategies

Does this ever happen with you That you bought something online from an unknown seller just after interacting with their ads for the first time? Usually, we purchase something after getting interacted with their ads more than one time.

Also, when you click on one advertisement, then Facebook starts showing you advertisement from that seller at every place in their network. This is the retargeting.

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People keep targeting cold audiences, but they don’t use retargeting strategies for warm audiences.

Testing Ads with  Insufficient Budget or time

Testing is an essential part of any Process. Success depends on good testing and analysis of results.

But many people make a mistake here.

They Allocate less budget to testing. And sometimes, they don’t allow proper time for testing.

Often, an adset did not perform well initially, but it starts doing fantastic after some time. But people don’t give it sufficient time.

The same thing happens with budget too, people tests adsets with an insufficient budget, and they end up making a decision based on initial data that go incorrect in many cases.

They don’t create Ads according to the warmness of audiences

There are three types of audiences.

  1. Cold: These are the people who only know about their problem but then don’t know about the solution that you are offering.
  2. Warm: These people know about their problem and your solution, but they need some more information before purchasing anything from you.
  3. Hot: These are the people who are ready to be your audience.

If you don’t show ads to them according to their warmness level, you are not going in the right direction.

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